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Food Service

We are currently incorporating the latest Food Safety handling and storing procedures in our day-to-day servicing of restaurants and hotels. We provide a safe environment from field to store as additional assurance for our customer’s confidence.

We compliment our own Food Safety program by dealing with growers both large and small who also are implementing Food Safety Practices. These companies provide us with quality and consistency, which we find, equates to value.

Field Work

Our produce handling history has shown us that to achieve the goal of having the best quality produce on the shelf, the journey begins on the farm. “Coolers are not hospitals” and produce does not get better with age.

To ensure that the produce is top quality before it ever reaches our dock we utilize a network of field inspectors throughout California, Washington, Oregon, and Florida who feed daily inspection reports from the field, guiding our purchases.


We have over 1000 ft² of banana ripening rooms. The ripening rooms give us the freedom to ripen the bananas to the perfect level. Not only can we deliver bananas that are exactly what you want, but also retain the flexibility to buy bananas at cheaper market prices and pass the savings on to you.

Unlike a marketer who represents and protects his Banana growers, we represent and protect our clients. Your quality is in our hands.

Custom Packing

We are currently custom packing for some of our clients. Our intentions are to expand these custom pack options to differentiate you from the competition. We custom tray wrap corn, package beans, clamshell cherries, per-pack dried persimmons. We can also develop a unique label specifically for your needs to create your own brand identity.

Neighbor Islands

D. Otani Produce not only distributes on Oahu, but also supplies clients on Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii as well. We are currently also supplying accounts on Molokai and Lanai with weekly barge shipments twice a week and can consolidate and reload products for neighboring islands deliveries. We also have very competitive airfreight rates to all neighbor islands and can provide Stop-In-Transit services to help keep neighbor islands costs as competitive as possible.

About D. Otani Produce

In business since 1989, D. Otani Produce, Inc. has grown into one of Hawaii’s largest produce wholesalers, enjoying business with hotels, restaurants, local business institutions. We are also a major distributor to Hawaii’s retailers.

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