NBA start partners with Blanc Vineyards

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Thursday, 17 October 2019 - 4:06am

Two-time NBA World Champion Danny (Green Ranger) Green of the Los Angeles Lakers has partnered with Blanc Vineyards, Delano Farms and Four Star Fruit — some of California’s largest family-owned produce growers — to encourage kids to live healthy lifestyles, beginning with what they eat.Danny-Green-Clamshell

Green Ranger grapes, named for Green’s Instagram handle @greenranger14, will be available at select produce retailers across Southern California for two weeks beginning Nov. 1, as the 2020 NBA season gets under way.

Green Ranger branded grapes are a proprietary variety called Pristine, which is considered to be among the best green varieties globally. Carefully cultivated for more than 20 years to create a large, crispy, green seedless grape with all the characteristics consumers and retailers covet, the Pristine grape has a crisp snappy texture coupled with a taste that starts off with a sweet vanilla streak and ends with a zesty apple finish. They are grown to retain firmness and fresh taste well after harvest. “We’re proud to be partnering with the Danny Green for such a good cause,” said Jack Campbell, co-owner of Blanc Vineyards. “Snacking healthy starts early and if we can get kids into good eating habits with a world champion athlete then everybody wins. Grapes are fat and cholesterol free, have no added sugar and they taste great.”

“I never thought I’d have my own grape brand,” said Green. “It feels really good to promote something that could make a difference in so many kids’ lives, for the rest of their lives.”

Green Ranger grapes will be unveiled Saturday, Oct. 19 at PMA Fresh Summit in Anaheim, CA, at booth No. 144. Danny Green will be on hand to present his grape brand to produce buyers and executives in attendance.

As part of the partnership, Blanc Vineyards, Delano Farms and Four Star Fruit will be providing Green Ranger grapes to all Team Green Basketball Camps, which help aspiring basketball players of all ages across the country improve their games.


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