Baja Son announces year-round organic green onions program

Author: (press release)
Thursday, 17 October 2019 - 5:44am

Baja Son Growers, one of the larger suppliers of asparagus and green onions in North America, has announced it will begin offering a year-round organic green onion program in its Baja Son Growers label.Baja-Son-2

The company entered the sales and marketing arena in 2010 and introduced the Baja Son Premium asparagus and green onion label. One of the few asparagus and green onion marketing companies in the industry that manages its own growing operations, Baja Son Growers had previously offered only conventional products.

“We continually listen to the feedback provided by our customers. They shared their needs for an organic green onion program, and we are excited to announce that this program will be going live on October 21, 2019,” said Robert Leonard, company sales manager. “As a fully-integrated company, we were able to move quickly on designating and certifying existing company acreage as organic. This integration allows us to oversee the entire supply chain to ensure quality and safety.”

The product will be grown in the Mexicali region of Mexico and initially come in 2x24 and 12x5.5 counts.

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