HerbCo Hawaii

Founded by ex-physics professor Dan Dong in 1995, HerbCo Hawaii grows over a dozen varieties of culinary herbs. Together with his wife Barbara and a crew of 12, Dan’s 30 acre farm grows a wide selection of herbs, including basil, mint, oregano, rosemary, and thyme. Of these 30 acres, twelve are farmed organically, with organic certification by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Hawaii’s incredibly rich soil and balmy climate produce a staggering supply of gorgeous herbs year ‘round. Herbs are harvested in the morning, cooled in the afternoon and evening, and ship overnight to HerbCo facilities across the U.S. the next day.

With acres of certified organic land already in cultivation in Hawaii for our mainland customers, the addition of a packing facility to serve the Islands just made sense, and to that end HerbCo Hawaii became a reality in early 2011. Today, HerbCo’s sunniest location supplies more grocery stores and wholesalers in the islands than anyone.

About D. Otani Produce

In business since 1989, D. Otani Produce, Inc. has grown into one of Hawaii’s largest produce wholesalers, enjoying business with hotels, restaurants, local business institutions. We are also a major distributor to Hawaii’s retailers.

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